Serums….What’s their deal?

Lately I’ve been noticing a trend while recommending Facial products to my clients; no one knows the true purpose of a Serum. I seem to get a lot of “I don’t need the serum, I read online their just a waste of money” or “that’s seems kinda fishy to me, your telling me a serum will do that?” It’s a trend, almost an epidemic I tell you! False information is the scurvy of our time, but who can blame you (I certainly don’t) with all the information you can get on the web it’s hard to know for certain what is TRUE information and what is bologna.

Supplying my clients with information is what I love to do, think of me as a fountain of cosmetic info. Day in and day out I explain the same things to my clients about the true function of products, specifically Serums. So today I am shedding some much needed light on what seems to be a dark, DARK subject for many. Let’s begin…

A serum to me is the most important part of your skin care routine, it takes two seconds to apply and is so beneficial to your skin. Serums target specific skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation, anti-aging etc. Serums have tiny molecules that allow them to deliver their nutrients further into the skin then any cream (cream molecules are about 10x larger then serums). This allows for better and faster results. Think of it this way, when you have a cold you would go to your family doctor, if your ailment is more severe than a cold you would be referred to a Specialist. A facial serum is your “specialist” and is going to give you targeted treatment for your skin care concerns.

Eve Taylor Serums contain highly active combinations of essential oils. Essential oils are different from traditional serums in the sense that essential oil molecules are extra tiny resulting in absolute skin penetration alongside their natural functions. They work from the inside out and smell heavenly! The best part about this range of serums is you can add them into your daily routine without having to switch your whole line. Yes, that’s right I’m an esthetician who’s NOT pushing you to buy my entire facial range because it’s made to be used as a “system”  which is just a bunch of hoopla if you ask me. Just add these serums (No.1-5) into your normal regime apply right before your moisturizer and see the difference in as little as two weeks.

With most Serums on the market ranging from $80 to well over $200, Eve Taylor Serums sit comfortably at only $40. Yup! $40, so you looking at less than 33 cents a day for something that actually works.

So next time you can’t decide if the serum is worth it, take it! You won’t regret it, your skin (and wallet) will thank you.


Until next time!

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