Say Hello! to our new site and features

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who haven’t been on J esthetics website before, welcome! and for our old timers how do you like the redesign?? We are thrilled with the new design, it’s a perfect representation of us. We strive to stay away from the norm of Spa websites and i think we’ve done that by adding cute blurbs here and there about services and upgraded our spa packages with funny scenarios.


Some new features we’ve added are this Blog section your on right now! you can check back here for updates about the salon, products, services and just about anything “spa”.  We’ve also added a Book Online section, this enables you to book an appointment with us from the convenience of well anywhere! Our Book Online isn’t like the other spa’s who have an appointment form and you wait for a reply back, with us you know you have your appointment right away, no waiting. Try it now!

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