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What is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal?

Pulsed light works by emitting a flash of high intensity light which penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the root of the hair. The root is where the highest concentration of melanin is located. The light is converted to heat energy. The root and most of the hair shaft are instantly vaporized. IPL can treat hair types which are traditionally hard to treat – such as feathery hair or light hair.

What is IPL with GEM technology (Geometrical Energy Management) ?

The GEM-PL patented technology used in our IPL is a unique way to deliver energy to a predetermined target. Unlike other IPLs and lasers where the energy is scattered on the skin, the GEM technology manages to concentrate the bulk of the energy in a geometrical plane positioned under the skin. This precise positing enables a selective targeting of hair follicles, pigments, vascular lesions, acne, etc. The results are amazing, painless and gentle on all skin types.

Why is IPL different from other methods?

This IPL technology achieves excellent results in a short time. This new form of IPL hair removal presents little risk of burning.

Is IPL effective?

IPL hair removal offers a fast and effective way to permanently reduce unwanted hair. Hormonal changes or pregnancy may cause new hair growth.

Can all types of hair be treated Intense Pulsed Light?

This technology works on all hair types found on the body. It can be applied any where on the body except eyebrows.

Is IPL hair removal painful?

You may feel a similar sensation to an elastic pinch on certain areas (underarms, bikini etc). No numbing gels are needed as most clients describe the sensation moderate and very acceptable. There is no “down time”, you can go back to your normal routine right away, however you’ll need to strictly limit sun exposure.

Are there any side effects to IPL hair removal?

The skin can become slightly reddish, as well possible local swelling immediately after treatment, this will usually disappear within a few hours.

How many Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments will I need?

The number of treatments you may need depend on the following factors: The area you wish to treat, your hair density, your hair growth cycle, and your skin type. Many factors influence hair growth such as: age, ethnicity, weight, hormones, diet etc. A minimum of 8 to 10 treatments are required. Shaving between treatments is suggested as you are not allowed to tweeze, bleach or wax the area being treated. If area being treated is on the facial region, you may shave and not worry about hairs becoming thickened and darker. This is a myth and semi an old wives tale.