Hi Everyone,

So after getting some updates on Shellac, i have attempted “Rockstar” on my Shellac Manicure and it’s amazing!! I’ve attached a pic of my Shellac Manicure with “Rockstar” on the ring finger below.

It’s perfect for the Holidays! it just shines and captures the light, i’ve decided to bring this new nail craze into J esthetics and can be an add on to Shellac for just $10

Until Next Time!

Shellac Manicure with "Rockstar" on the ring finger

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Shellac “ROCKSTAR” Nails

Hi Everyone,


So i was checking out some forums and youtube, heard about these Rockstar nails (which is essentially super fine glitter applied to a shellac color) that you can do using Shellac a while back and thought it was just wayyy to messy to deal with. all the glitter going all over the place would bring out the crazy cleaning lady in me! lately i’ve been hearing even more news about them and a new technique that doesn’t have glitter flying left,right and center so i checked it out on Youtube and i have to say no mess involved and the effect it gives is awesome! super glittery nails, including French Polish,  in virtually any color you want that last 2weeks without chipping well count me in! im off this weekend to buy some glitter and try it out on myself, wish me luck 🙂 if everything goes well i will be bringing this craze in nails into J esthetics.

Attached are some examples of what Rockstar Nails look like (not my work but gives you an idea)

Until next time!


Shellac Rockstar Nails in Gold  Shellac Rockstar Toes in Blue  Shellac Rockstar Nails in Purple/Pink

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Say Hello! to our new site and features

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who haven’t been on J esthetics website before, welcome! and for our old timers how do you like the redesign?? We are thrilled with the new design, it’s a perfect representation of us. We strive to stay away from the norm of Spa websites and i think we’ve done that by adding cute blurbs here and there about services and upgraded our spa packages with funny scenarios.


Some new features we’ve added are this Blog section your on right now! you can check back here for updates about the salon, products, services and just about anything “spa”.  We’ve also added a Book Online section, this enables you to book an appointment with us from the convenience of well anywhere! Our Book Online isn’t like the other spa’s who have an appointment form and you wait for a reply back, with us you know you have your appointment right away, no waiting. Try it now!

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Fabulous upgrades happening soon!

Hi Everyone,

Lots of things are happening this year at J esthetics, we moved into our new place and now were doing some fabulous upgrades to make things even more tranquil and relaxing for you.

In the upcoming weeks we will be adding textured wallpaper in a dark brown to the upper sections of our Spa walls in the Facial Area and we will be adding flowing silk fabric to cover the ceiling, also in the Facial Area, making it more tranquil. We’ve already upgraded our Pedicure Area with a super comfy chair and will be adding more with the textured wallpaper on the wall behind and painting the ceiling a nice neutral shade of brown so that your manicure and pedicure experience at J esthetics is even better!

Worried about noise?? don’t be! all the upgrades will be happening when the spa is closed (Sundays and Mondays). All you have to worry about is which Service you want to try in our NEW fabulously decked out areas.


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