Serums….What’s their deal?

Lately I’ve been noticing a trend while recommending Facial products to my clients; no one knows the true purpose of a Serum. I seem to get a lot of “I don’t need the serum, I read online their just a waste of money” or “that’s seems kinda fishy to me, your telling me a serum will do that?” It’s a trend, almost an epidemic I tell you! False information is the scurvy of our time, but who can blame you (I certainly don’t) with all the information you can get on the web it’s hard to know for certain what is TRUE information and what is bologna.

Supplying my clients with information is what I love to do, think of me as a fountain of cosmetic info. Day in and day out I explain the same things to my clients about the true function of products, specifically Serums. So today I am shedding some much needed light on what seems to be a dark, DARK subject for many. Let’s begin…

A serum to me is the most important part of your skin care routine, it takes two seconds to apply and is so beneficial to your skin. Serums target specific skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation, anti-aging etc. Serums have tiny molecules that allow them to deliver their nutrients further into the skin then any cream (cream molecules are about 10x larger then serums). This allows for better and faster results. Think of it this way, when you have a cold you would go to your family doctor, if your ailment is more severe than a cold you would be referred to a Specialist. A facial serum is your “specialist” and is going to give you targeted treatment for your skin care concerns.

Eve Taylor Serums contain highly active combinations of essential oils. Essential oils are different from traditional serums in the sense that essential oil molecules are extra tiny resulting in absolute skin penetration alongside their natural functions. They work from the inside out and smell heavenly! The best part about this range of serums is you can add them into your daily routine without having to switch your whole line. Yes, that’s right I’m an esthetician who’s NOT pushing you to buy my entire facial range because it’s made to be used as a “system”  which is just a bunch of hoopla if you ask me. Just add these serums (No.1-5) into your normal regime apply right before your moisturizer and see the difference in as little as two weeks.

With most Serums on the market ranging from $80 to well over $200, Eve Taylor Serums sit comfortably at only $40. Yup! $40, so you looking at less than 33 cents a day for something that actually works.

So next time you can’t decide if the serum is worth it, take it! You won’t regret it, your skin (and wallet) will thank you.


Until next time!

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5 reasons to book a facial treatment

Did you know that 60% of the population have “self” diagnosed their skin types and as a result are using the wrong home care products?? I know to most this doesn’t sound like a big deal but to an esthetician like myself this makes me cringe and shiver all over. The adverse effects of using improper skin care products are huge! You can actually cause damage and more problems than you think you have already. The best example I can give you of improper self-diagnosis is the classic “my skin is really dry, I have fine lines around my mouth, eyes and can’t you see on my forehead…I use (insert name) ultra-hydrating cream, it’s really thick but it doesn’t seem to do anything. By the way ever since I started using it I’m breaking out! I don’t understand why.” I cannot tell you the amount of times I hear this in a day, it makes me just want to scream as your “Dry” is not what I see and understand.

To me “Dry” skin is what we call in the beauty business Alipic/Alipoid skin; this is a skin type where Oil glands can’t produce enough oil resulting in very tightly closed almost invisible pores. This leads to tight, dry feeling skin that no matter what you put on it just gets absorbed into the skin. His skin type has specific products designed to “jump start” the skin into producing oil and functioning properly. With about 5% of the population actually having this skin type I’d go with its highly doubtful that you have “dry” skin.  What most of my lovely clients have when they tell me fine lines around the mouth, eyes and forehead is actually a skin CONDITION called superficial dehydration.  Superficial Dehydration is basically lack of moisture in the epidermis (see diagram). This is easily reversed and maintained with a proper skin care regime. So remember when I said improper skin care products can result in more skin related problems for you?? Well you know those break outs you were telling me about since you started using you ultra-hydrating cream, their actually a direct result of this product being made to jump start alipoid skin. The cream has basically taken your perfectly functioning oil glands and put them on over drive resulting in excess oil and break outs.  Now rant over how about we get to the 5 reasons why you should book a Facial treatment even if you’ve never had one before.

  1. Re-hydrate your skin – During a Facial you get a deeper removal of dead skin cells thus aiding in the proper penetration of skin care products. This results in better hydration, product usage, protection and nourishment of the skin.
  2. Slows down aging – regular facials will stimulate your facial muscles and strengthen the skin’s tone, making it more resistant to sagging and wrinkling.
  3. Professional skin evaluation – My favorite part for the many reasons I listed above. I get to take a real good look at your skin and discuss with you what I see and what you would like to achieve. This is absolutely the proper way of diagnosing a skin type/condition.
  4. Professional Recommendation – At the end of the facial I go through my professional recommendation of products I’ve specifically selected to you to match both what you would like to work on and what I see your skin needs. This is no pressure situation as it’s my recommendation not “ok I’m forcing you to buy this this and this or else your skins going to get so bad.” This is the part where we go through the list together and check off things would like and things you already have.
  5. To get pampered! – Very simple, a facial is an ideal way to pamper yourself.  I mean who doesn’t like a facial, neck and shoulder massage with your choice of added massages including a 15min foot massage!


There’s nothing like the purifying scents and pampering effects of an Eve Taylor Facial, come try one today!






Click here for a list of Facial services

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Introduction of J esthetics New facial line

Hi Everyone

Come celebrate the launch of our new facial product line…Eve Taylor. For those of you not familiar with the line Eve Taylor is an Aromatherapy Line which uses pure essential oils. Founded in the 1960’s by Eve Taylor herself in London, England, she has been producing the world’s best aromatherapy products for over 40 years!  they are also exclusive to spas and salons so you won’t be finding these babies on flea market-ish sites or at your local pharmacy.

Another really cool thing about the line….there are NO artificial fragrances, alcohols or mineral oils and they are Paraben free.

Eve Taylor is the number one selling PROFESSIONAL (that’s the key word here) aromatherapy brand in the world! now that’s amazing!

J esthetics is proud to be the ONLY current Spa to use Eve Taylor Products in Quebec!

Click here to see our full list of facials

Until next time!

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Are you “Gel” in??

Hi Everyone,

Ok so firstly, I offer SHELLAC! Not Gelish, Gelac, some sort of OPI gel or Pro Polish. Why am I so adamant on correcting clients when they try and tell me Shellac is the same thing as any of the above mention products? Well it’s because all the products listed above are in fact GEL based u.v/led cured polishes while Shellac is what we like to call a “Power Polish”, it is NOT a gel!

Shellac in Decadence at J esthetics Pointe Claire

Shellac in “Decadence”

A “Power Polish” you say?? Yes a power polish meaning it has the same qualities as gel (ie. Durability, strength) but applies exactly like a normal nail polish. It doesn’t require buffing the natural nail plate beforehand! This may seem like a trivial little thing but for my die hard natural nail clients if I came anywhere near them with a buffer they’d run screaming. Not that there is really anything wrong with buffing you nails, in fact for those people who suffer from ridges find this smoothes them out but for any natural nail lover it’s just a big’ol plain no no.

Now when I say Shellac has durability and strength of a gel I don’t mean gel enhancements. You have to remember that it’s applied onto you own natural nail and it may add some strength while you wear it, it’s not going to give you superman nails. Ladies Shellac is revolutionary but honestly it’s NOT indestructible! This is something I tell everyone HONESTLY, I don’t hide the fact that if your hard on your nails, if you work a lot with your hands, you’re a nail biter, a nail picker or a picker just in general Shellac may not be for you.

Time and time I get clients that tell me Shellac ruined their nails or it didn’t live up to its 14 day wear slogan and time and time again I have to explain to them that there are many factors as to why your nails look the way they do and/or why Shellac didn’t last 14days or more (yes! More) on your nails. Ok so let me explain this about Shellac if you have bendy, weak, splitting, peeling, enhancements damaged nails Shellac might not last the FULL 14days or more on you but I can tell you that you will at least get a week or so out of it. Now I’m not saying that everyone with nails like these won’t last 14days or more, I mean I myself have bendy natural nails and can get 2weeks out of it before I get bored and have to change the color. I’m saying you have to take into consideration your nail BEFORE Shellac was applied. It’s not a miracle; it’s not going to reverse the damage that was there before it was applied. If you come into J esthetics Pointe Claire with enhancement damaged nails, weak, brittle etc nails, I’m going to tell you the truth before we apply Shellac, that maybe Shellac isn’t the BEST option for you right now. We can get you a course of regular manicures and you can purchase some amazing SolarOil and use this every day. SolarOil is not a normal cuticle oil, its nourishes the cuticle and skin around as well as nourishes your nail plate so that your nails stay hydrated, hydrated nails been less breaking best part about it is when you’re ready to be Shellac-ed you can use this same oil to keep your beautiful new manicure hydrated which means it will help it lasts longer.

Also Shellac didn’t ruin your nails, YOU most likely did and feel like blaming a superb product. Now the whole thing about Shellac not lasting, it peeled off it this, it that. Well many places don’t know how to properly apply shellac, many don’t use the system as a whole as it was designed by the company or my favorite IT WASN’T REALLY SHELLAC!!!

CND Shellac at J esthetics Pointe Claire

REAL Shellac bottles look like this.

Creative Nail Design or better known as CND designed Shellac to be used as a whole system meaning you HAVE to have the CND lamp, shellac doesn’t “cure” with any other u.v lamp, the base coat, top coat, scrubfresh etc. ALL from CND. If you walk into a salon offering Shellac in Pointe Claire  but the bottles look funny RUN don’t walk out of that salon because most likely they are offering this new Chinese creation called “BlueSky Shellac” this is a KNOCK OFF/FAKE version of CND’s Shellac! If you’re getting service done and your “Shellac” base coat is some other brand apologize and tell them you no longer want it and shame on them for cheating their clients. Why might you ask? Well as I said before Shellac was created to work as a system, it won’t last you 14days+ and it’s certainly not SHELLAC like you wanted. Ask questions before getting anything done, if the techs at the salon try and brush you off or try and tell you anything other than what I have mentioned in this post, come on over to J esthetics Pointe Claire where we Shellac your nails right. You can ask me questions and I will be more than happy to answer.

Shellac rockstar at J esthetics Pointe Claire

Shellac Rockstar Toes

Wow! With everything I’ve mentioned above some of you might be wondering why on earth would I want to get Shellac done now??? Well I will tell you why. Applied right Shellac lasts up to 14days or more in some cases, it’s super shiny, looks amazing, adds that bit of strength to your nail and comes is over 30 different colors. Yes I agree 30 colors don’t sound like a big deal but I haven’t mentioned the best part…. Shellac colors can be layered to create other colors!! So with layering you get over 100 different colors! You can also add some bling to your Shellac fingers and toes with J esthetics Pointe Claire’s “rockstar” Shellac which is glitter applied to the Shellac for some super blingy nails.

Stop on by J esthetics Pointe Claire today and get you REAL Shellac on!


Until next time!


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Second Location in Pointe-Claire!

Hi Everyone,


I have decided to open a second location from home in Pointe-Claire. The new room is open, modern and relaxing!  i will be offering all the same services as my Saint-Lazare location so Manicures (including Shellac), Pedicures, Facials, Waxing, Eyebrow/Eyelash tinting and IPL Permanent Hair Removal. Expect the same outstanding service at affordable prices!

This new location opens for business April 3rd 2011. Click here for our list of Services


Until next time!


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Hi Everyone,

Yes the caps are needed as we are super excited about the 4 new Shellac colors we just received! Below are the colors and from Left to Right the colors are, Rock Royalty, Purple Purple, Hot Pop Pink and Asphalt.

New Shellac Colors

Try them today! Don’t Forget about February’s Promotion….FREE SHELLAC UPGRADE!

Until Next Time!


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What’s really behind that super cheap set of nails?

This is coutesy of Art of Nailz blog, i have re-posted here to show everyone what could possibly be behind that super cheap set of nails. Graphic image yes, but no doubt will have you thinking twice before going cheap again….Enjoy!

MMA Is Not For Nails

MMA is an abreviation for Methyl Methacrylate Monomer. It is a chemical compound. MMA makes acrylic. But NOT the kind of acrylic you want on your nails!
MMA is dental acrylic. It’s what they make fake teeth and crowns out of. And even dentists are starting to use other chemicals now because MMA is just so gosh-awful bad for you!
It’s also used in industrial applications– they use it to hold concrete together and to glue tiles to cement floors. This stuff is STRONG.
Back in the early days of acrylic nails it was the only stuff available. We got it from the dental industry. But it didn’t take very long at all before it started causing problems and by the early 70’s (that’s right, acrylic nails have been around THAT long!) so many women had suffered allergic reactions to it and/or had major trauma to their own nails because of it that the FDA got involved.
The FDA reviewed the complaints it was receiving, did some research and declared MMA to be a “poisonous and deleterious substance” under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (which was initially put in effect in 1906.)
So the FDA said, “This cannot be used for nails” (well, I paraphrased that actually) in 1974 and it was supposed to be taken off the shelves!
By that time a lot of companies had already figured out that acrylic nails were going to be BIG and they didn’t want to lose all the money that was sure to be had in the industry– and they didn’t want to see the industry fail either– so they found alternatives.
Now we use EMA (ethyl methacrylate monomer: one letter makes a BIG difference in the molecule!)
EMA creates a more flexible acrylic that is more likely to break under stress. The molecule is WAY huge compared to the MMA molecule– which means it can’t penetrate the nail plate and is far less likely to cause allergic reactions.
Unfortunately, MMA is still available because it gets used for so many other things than nails. And it’s cheap. CHEEEEEEAAAAP. A gallon of MMA can be found for about $15 where a gallon of cosmetic-grade EMA goes for over $200. That’s a big difference!
So if you’ve ever looked around and seen those banners for full sets at $15 and wondered why they were so cheap when the nice salon up the street is charging $65 for a full set? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.
So what’s so bad about MMA?
Well, I really didn’t know much about MMA until I got fired from a job back in 1995 for refusing to use it. I ended up down at the library for hours researching and making photocopies. And let me tell you– this stuff is illegal for GOOD reasons!
First off, if you work with it long enough you will inhale a lot of the vapors that evaporate off the liquid. This gets into your body and slowly poisons you. Possibly to death, since it can cause pulmonary edema– build up of liquid in your lungs. Now that IS a worst case scenario and to my knowledge no one has ever died from MMA poisoning in a salon environment.
But what it DOES do is cause a bunch of problems with your brain and central nervous system that is classified as “brain dysfunction.”
It can cause loss of memory and dementia. It can cause nerve damage that will make your fingers and toes go all numb and tingly. It causes birth defects– specifically causes spinal cord issues in fetuses.
Most clients will never have to worry about these things because they just aren’t exposed to MMA often enough or long enough to inhale that much of it. But if you ever wondered why all those people are wearing masks?
Sadly, wearing a paper dusk mask will NOT prevent you from being poisoned. The vapors penetrate those masks and go right into your lungs. The masks just keep the dust out. (and, btw, a lot of techs wear dust masks because of the dust, so don’t jump to conclusions! But if EVERYONE in the salon is wearing one AND their acrylic nails are dirt cheap? Get suspicious!)What YOU (the client) have to worry about is the chance of developing an allergic reaction. The molecules in the monomer (remember! Monomer is the liquid– and it’s the only place where MMA is a problem) are so tiny that they can get into your skin and soak through the nail plate. This means your body is more likely to notice the foreign substance and revolt! Which is essentially what an allergic reaction is.

I see a LOT of people who develope allergies to acrylic. And what kills me is that so many people working in my industry don’t have a CLUE about chemistry. So almost everytime they assume the problem is caused by the primer and will try to switch products.
This doesn’t work. Sometimes it helps for a fill or two, but eventually I end up with a new client who can’t wear acrylic and thinks I’m a goddess because I have stuff that is hypoallergenic.
Allergic reactions show up as itching, swelling, redness, and little blisters all around the nail.
Take a look at that photo.
That’s a nail with MMA. OUCH! Notice how the nail itself is still in excellent shape? But the natural nail has been torn off the nail bed? That’s the big problem with MMA. It’s so strong it doesn’t always break, that’s why the FDA got so many complaints!
Women were getting their nails torn off their nailbeds! Then they were getting infections, some of those infections were going all the way down to the bone in the finger and then they had to have part of their finger amputated!
This is all the more a problem in salons that don’t bother disinfecting properly. They just keep using the same drill bit and the same files and the same buffers over and over and over until they wear out! They don’t even bother WASHING them between clients! Let alone DISINFECTING them according to the LAW!
You can show this blog entry to as many people as you can! The more people understand about getting their nails done safely, the better!
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ahhh L’Amour

Hi Everyone,


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching are you ready?? what have you decided to get your special someone? Here at J esthetics we’ve made things simple for you with our Choco manicure and pedicure special Spoil your significant other with this special and more! Gift Certificates are available to create the  perfect gift!


Here’s a little background on the origin of Valentine’s Day…

“In Rome in A.D. 270, Valentine had enraged the mad emperor Claudius II. Claudius felt that married men made poor soldiers because they were loath to leave their families for battle. The empire needed soldiers, so Claudius, never one to fear unpopularity, abolished marriage.

Valentine, bishop of Interamna, invited young lovers to come to him in secret, where he joined them in the sacrament of matrimony. Claudius learned of this “friend of lovers,” and had the bishop brought to the palace. The emperor, impressed with the young priest’s dignity and conviction, attempted to convert him to the Roman gods, to save him from otherwise certain execution. Valentine refused to renounce his beliefs and imprudently attempted to convert the emperor. On February 24, 270, Valentine was clubbed, stoned, then beheaded.

Now According to one legend while Valentine was in prison awaiting execution, he fell in love with the blind daughter of the jailer, Asterius. Through his unswerving faith, he miraculously restored her sight. He signed a farewell message to her “From Your Valentine,” a phrase that would live long after its author died.”


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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CND Places 1st in all categories!



CND 1st place in awards

Hi Everyone,


CND (Creative Nail Design) has listed first place in most categories.

CND Shellac 1st place!
CND Scentsations Hand & Body Lotion 1st place!
CND Solaroil 1st place!


Stop by J esthetics today to get you Shellac on or pick up a scentsations, solaroil or two. We carry all these!

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Upgrades are done!

Hi Everyone,


So for those of you who haven’t been to J esthetics in a bit, i have good news! The much anticipated upgrades are finally done (with the exception of one, darn tiles!) and i can’t be more please! the room looks AMAZING!! thanks to everyone for their help and a big thanks to my dad for helping with pretty much everything. yay dad!!


Stop by J esthetics to see the new upgrades, pictures will be up on here next week.


Until next time!

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