Are you “Gel” in??

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Ok so firstly, I offer SHELLAC! Not Gelish, Gelac, some sort of OPI gel or Pro Polish. Why am I so adamant on correcting clients when they try and tell me Shellac is the same thing as any of the above mention products? Well it’s because all the products listed above are in fact GEL based u.v/led cured polishes while Shellac is what we like to call a “Power Polish”, it is NOT a gel!

Shellac in Decadence at J esthetics Pointe Claire

Shellac in “Decadence”

A “Power Polish” you say?? Yes a power polish meaning it has the same qualities as gel (ie. Durability, strength) but applies exactly like a normal nail polish. It doesn’t require buffing the natural nail plate beforehand! This may seem like a trivial little thing but for my die hard natural nail clients if I came anywhere near them with a buffer they’d run screaming. Not that there is really anything wrong with buffing you nails, in fact for those people who suffer from ridges find this smoothes them out but for any natural nail lover it’s just a big’ol plain no no.

Now when I say Shellac has durability and strength of a gel I don’t mean gel enhancements. You have to remember that it’s applied onto you own natural nail and it may add some strength while you wear it, it’s not going to give you superman nails. Ladies Shellac is revolutionary but honestly it’s NOT indestructible! This is something I tell everyone HONESTLY, I don’t hide the fact that if your hard on your nails, if you work a lot with your hands, you’re a nail biter, a nail picker or a picker just in general Shellac may not be for you.

Time and time I get clients that tell me Shellac ruined their nails or it didn’t live up to its 14 day wear slogan and time and time again I have to explain to them that there are many factors as to why your nails look the way they do and/or why Shellac didn’t last 14days or more (yes! More) on your nails. Ok so let me explain this about Shellac if you have bendy, weak, splitting, peeling, enhancements damaged nails Shellac might not last the FULL 14days or more on you but I can tell you that you will at least get a week or so out of it. Now I’m not saying that everyone with nails like these won’t last 14days or more, I mean I myself have bendy natural nails and can get 2weeks out of it before I get bored and have to change the color. I’m saying you have to take into consideration your nail BEFORE Shellac was applied. It’s not a miracle; it’s not going to reverse the damage that was there before it was applied. If you come into J esthetics Pointe Claire with enhancement damaged nails, weak, brittle etc nails, I’m going to tell you the truth before we apply Shellac, that maybe Shellac isn’t the BEST option for you right now. We can get you a course of regular manicures and you can purchase some amazing SolarOil and use this every day. SolarOil is not a normal cuticle oil, its nourishes the cuticle and skin around as well as nourishes your nail plate so that your nails stay hydrated, hydrated nails been less breaking best part about it is when you’re ready to be Shellac-ed you can use this same oil to keep your beautiful new manicure hydrated which means it will help it lasts longer.

Also Shellac didn’t ruin your nails, YOU most likely did and feel like blaming a superb product. Now the whole thing about Shellac not lasting, it peeled off it this, it that. Well many places don’t know how to properly apply shellac, many don’t use the system as a whole as it was designed by the company or my favorite IT WASN’T REALLY SHELLAC!!!

CND Shellac at J esthetics Pointe Claire

REAL Shellac bottles look like this.

Creative Nail Design or better known as CND designed Shellac to be used as a whole system meaning you HAVE to have the CND lamp, shellac doesn’t “cure” with any other u.v lamp, the base coat, top coat, scrubfresh etc. ALL from CND. If you walk into a salon offering Shellac in Pointe Claire  but the bottles look funny RUN don’t walk out of that salon because most likely they are offering this new Chinese creation called “BlueSky Shellac” this is a KNOCK OFF/FAKE version of CND’s Shellac! If you’re getting service done and your “Shellac” base coat is some other brand apologize and tell them you no longer want it and shame on them for cheating their clients. Why might you ask? Well as I said before Shellac was created to work as a system, it won’t last you 14days+ and it’s certainly not SHELLAC like you wanted. Ask questions before getting anything done, if the techs at the salon try and brush you off or try and tell you anything other than what I have mentioned in this post, come on over to J esthetics Pointe Claire where we Shellac your nails right. You can ask me questions and I will be more than happy to answer.

Shellac rockstar at J esthetics Pointe Claire

Shellac Rockstar Toes

Wow! With everything I’ve mentioned above some of you might be wondering why on earth would I want to get Shellac done now??? Well I will tell you why. Applied right Shellac lasts up to 14days or more in some cases, it’s super shiny, looks amazing, adds that bit of strength to your nail and comes is over 30 different colors. Yes I agree 30 colors don’t sound like a big deal but I haven’t mentioned the best part…. Shellac colors can be layered to create other colors!! So with layering you get over 100 different colors! You can also add some bling to your Shellac fingers and toes with J esthetics Pointe Claire’s “rockstar” Shellac which is glitter applied to the Shellac for some super blingy nails.

Stop on by J esthetics Pointe Claire today and get you REAL Shellac on!


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