5 reasons to book a facial treatment

Did you know that 60% of the population have “self” diagnosed their skin types and as a result are using the wrong home care products?? I know to most this doesn’t sound like a big deal but to an esthetician like myself this makes me cringe and shiver all over. The adverse effects of using improper skin care products are huge! You can actually cause damage and more problems than you think you have already. The best example I can give you of improper self-diagnosis is the classic “my skin is really dry, I have fine lines around my mouth, eyes and can’t you see on my forehead…I use (insert name) ultra-hydrating cream, it’s really thick but it doesn’t seem to do anything. By the way ever since I started using it I’m breaking out! I don’t understand why.” I cannot tell you the amount of times I hear this in a day, it makes me just want to scream as your “Dry” is not what I see and understand.

To me “Dry” skin is what we call in the beauty business Alipic/Alipoid skin; this is a skin type where Oil glands can’t produce enough oil resulting in very tightly closed almost invisible pores. This leads to tight, dry feeling skin that no matter what you put on it just gets absorbed into the skin. His skin type has specific products designed to “jump start” the skin into producing oil and functioning properly. With about 5% of the population actually having this skin type I’d go with its highly doubtful that you have “dry” skin.  What most of my lovely clients have when they tell me fine lines around the mouth, eyes and forehead is actually a skin CONDITION called superficial dehydration.  Superficial Dehydration is basically lack of moisture in the epidermis (see diagram). This is easily reversed and maintained with a proper skin care regime. So remember when I said improper skin care products can result in more skin related problems for you?? Well you know those break outs you were telling me about since you started using you ultra-hydrating cream, their actually a direct result of this product being made to jump start alipoid skin. The cream has basically taken your perfectly functioning oil glands and put them on over drive resulting in excess oil and break outs.  Now rant over how about we get to the 5 reasons why you should book a Facial treatment even if you’ve never had one before.

  1. Re-hydrate your skin – During a Facial you get a deeper removal of dead skin cells thus aiding in the proper penetration of skin care products. This results in better hydration, product usage, protection and nourishment of the skin.
  2. Slows down aging – regular facials will stimulate your facial muscles and strengthen the skin’s tone, making it more resistant to sagging and wrinkling.
  3. Professional skin evaluation – My favorite part for the many reasons I listed above. I get to take a real good look at your skin and discuss with you what I see and what you would like to achieve. This is absolutely the proper way of diagnosing a skin type/condition.
  4. Professional Recommendation – At the end of the facial I go through my professional recommendation of products I’ve specifically selected to you to match both what you would like to work on and what I see your skin needs. This is no pressure situation as it’s my recommendation not “ok I’m forcing you to buy this this and this or else your skins going to get so bad.” This is the part where we go through the list together and check off things would like and things you already have.
  5. To get pampered! – Very simple, a facial is an ideal way to pamper yourself.  I mean who doesn’t like a facial, neck and shoulder massage with your choice of added massages including a 15min foot massage!


There’s nothing like the purifying scents and pampering effects of an Eve Taylor Facial, come try one today!






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